How To Promote Your Online Business With Less Effort and More Results

More About Josh Rhodes

The name Groovy Marketing is actually a derivative of an online business that I started(and stopped) called Groovy Bicycle. It was a Shopify storefront where I drop shipped bicycles from some warehouse in San Francisco to anywhere in the U.S. that you wanted to buy them from. Alas, I did not know how to market the business very well, so I dropped it.

However, I really loved the brand, so I decided to resurrect an online business and dedicate the site to marketing, sales and business in hopes that a phoenix will somehow rise up out of the ashes of a poorly executed online business.

And it has...I help people every day reach their online/offline business goals by providing razor sharp insight on how to build sales funnels that actually work.

I also currently serve as the Vice President of Sales & Marketing for a two-time INC. 5000 listed company(and one of the coolest companies on the planet) called The Rocket Company. We serve two verticals with our training resources and done-for-you products: Small Business Owners/Entrepreneurs and Church Leaders.

I hope my online marketing expertise provides value to your goals as an entrepreneur.

Stay Groovy.

Josh Rhodes