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Simple & Flexible Editor

Easy to use and flexible enough for any type of course. Create as many lessons as you need and upload images, videos and downloadable files. We host all of it for you!

Connect with PayPal or Stripe

Getting paid is easy! It just takes a few clicks to connect your Stripe or PayPal account (or both) and receive a deposit the moment someone enrolls in your course.

Lesson Scheduling

Save time and schedule your lessons. You can set the publish date to a specifc date or release your lessons a certain number of days after enrollment.

Membership Sites

Earn reliable income and stay connected to your audience with a monthly membership site. Include any of your courses (or maybe choose one per month!), write regular posts to engage with your supporters and let them in on your creative process!

Forms / Quizzes

Add forms, quizzes or surveys to your course and view the entries right in CourseCraft! It's a great way to interact with your participants.


Sell extra optional add-ons to your course. Anything from a downloadable to consulting hours, or anything else you can think of.

Private Courses

Restrict access to your course with an access code. Great for internal training.


Collaborate on your course with friends and colleagues. They'll be able to create and edit lessons and work with you to create amazing course content.

Promo Codes

Easily offer sales and promotions using the promo codes. Restrict the code to a single course or offer a discount on all your courses.


Interact with your course participants directly on each lesson. Have a conversation, answer their questions or encourage them to upload photos of their work.

Custom Branding

Replace the CourseCraft logo with your own and change up the color scheme for a seamless integration with your brand. It creates a really professional look for your course.


Know where you stand with our handy stats page. Track and see trends in your views, enrollments, and sales. You own your participant list – export at any time!

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